Trade Credit Insurance

Single Account

Key facts

Single risk cover is available at many levels from much of the insurance market, on both domestic and overseas companies.

This will be of interest to businesses both with or without existing credit insurance but with a concentration of exposure to a single customer whose failure would have a catastrophic effect on the client’s cash flow and Balance sheet, or where, for many reasons, trade would not be contemplated without insurance cover in place.

On particularly large single risk exposures, a syndicate of insurers may be needed.

Policy period

12 months.

Risks covered

Always insolvency only but default may be possible in addition.

Insurer credit limits

Both cancellable and non cancellable limits can be offered.


Normally a fixed premium linked to the size of the required credit limit, rather than sales turnover to the insured customer. Premiums are normally payable in advance at the commencement of the policy.

Trade credit insurance overview